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Daniel’s Kosher Charcuterie (French Salami) was voted Best New Food Item in meats, fish and chicken. Take a look below for the company’s own words about this fine, new product.

Au revoir conventional cold-cuts and ordinary deli-meats…there’s a new Saucisson on the shelf thanks to Daniel’s Kosher Charcuterie. Produced with the finest Glatt kosher beef available, these Saucissons are 90% lean, 100% delicious, and prepared in true French style.

Charcuterie (literally “chair cuite” – or “cooked meat” in French) is the craft of salting, smoking and curing meats. Although it has been around since the Middle Ages – and referred only to pork – it was the immigrant Jews from North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia) who made charcuterie – kosher. Today, the term describes many items, including a wide variety of beef, fish and poultry products.

And now, Kosher Charcuterie makes its debut in the United States.

Daniel Teboul is the founder and chef of Daniel’s Kosher Charcuterie. After World War II, Daniel’s family emigrated from Algeria to France, bringing with them many Sephardic customs and recipes. During his childhood he was treated to these exotic flavors, but it was his parent’s homemade saucissons that inspired him most.

So far, Daniel has created three kosher Saucissons – all reflective of the diverse regions of France they represent:

Saucisson de Lyon: Prime beef, 90% lean, Glatt Kosher. Original from the gastronomic area of Lyon, it is a classic like no other…ideal on a French baguette;

Saucisson de Marseille: Prime beef, 90% lean, Glatt Kosher. Spicy but delicate, it’s a taste of Southern France…perfect with a glass of Rosé;

Saucisson de Paris: Prime beef, 90% lean, Glatt Kosher. Traditional Parisian treat made with original spices and fresh garlic…a great appetizer.

Three for now, but more products from different types of meat are on the horizon.

Although charcuterie is from France, Daniel’s Saucissons are American through and through: inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA); the plant is based in New Jersey where the smoke-house has been built to comply with the laws governing the kosher food industry. Organize Kashrut OK Kosher has been a key partner in this regard. Established in 1935, the OK Kosher certification is one of the most renown and respected symbols of kosher approval in the world.
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