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It has been a few years since kosher beef jerky appeared on the market and, just as quickly, disappeared. In the meanwhile, those of us who like the stuff were left totally bereft, without a source of kosher beef jerky. Boo hoo for us!

Well, that is about to change, folks!

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“Kosher Heaven is the brainchild of five buddies that developed their friendship and a passion for meat together over four incredible years at Brandeis University. While we are from various Jewish communities around the globe with readily available kosher meat, we realized that the internet, the ultimate marketplace, lacks a “mom and pop” type kosher butcher. Sure, anyone can go to their local butcher to get an incredible ribeye steak or hot dogs, but only a few kosher butchers actually produce specialty products like beef jerky, sausage, and hard salami. Furthermore, if local butchers do make these products, very few are able to produce quantity and quality up to USDA standards to meet the online demand. Therefore, we recently opened to serve this specialty market with a mission to provide the tastiest and most innovative kosher meat products to the national Jewish community.”

In addition, this week’s Kosher Today newsletter included a blurb about us:

Kosher Beef Jerky to Debut Nationwide
New York…Kosher beef jerky made its debut at Kosherfest ’06 and if five young entrepreneurs have their way, it will soon be at many stores throughout the country. Beef jerky is a popular snack amongst many non-kosher consumers but the kosher version has only appeared periodically by local butchers. Kosher Heaven hopes to change that with the introduction of the first USDA Certified Beef Jerky. Founded this past June, Kosher Heaven is currently offering its beef jerky on-line ( but soon hopes to be selling in kosher stores and even select gas stations. Determined to provide the best product possible to the marketplace, the group tried many different recipes and types of jerky, ultimately choosing biltong, a close relative of beef jerky that is made using a South African dried meat curing process. Kosher Heaven has worked tirelessly to make this product, which is part of the $1.3 billion meat snack industry, available to kosher consumers and the results have been astounding. Jonathan Waldstreicher and Benjamin Gober, two of the five partners, are promising additional innovative products such as Smoky Jerky, Bison Jerky and Salami Stix. The beef jerky is currently certified Glatt Kosher under the Atlanta (where the product is made) Kashrut Commission.