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Here is an alert that appeared in Kashrus Magazine:

Tylenol caplets are now flavored. Tylenol PM is vanilla flavored and Tylenol Cold Caplets are Cool Burst flavored. It is preferable to use kosher certified products, such as Adwe, or to use an unflavored medicine if it is not kosher certified. However, when you need a medicine, you could use this product.

Ok, let’s take a long look at this:

Flavored pills that you swallow present no kashruth issue whatsoever. Plain and simple, there is no problem with swallowing flavored pills.

Second: stating that it is preferable to use kosher certified pills is a sociological statement and not a halachic statement. If the halacha is that we may use those pills and that there is no kashruth issue, then there is no such thing as a halachic preference unless the halacha specifies that this is a second best practice and not optimum. Last time we looked at primary sources, that was not the case.

Third: They give no reason for stating that an unflavored non certified pill is second best. Again, not a halachic statement.

Last of all: At the end they say that it is ok to take those flavored pills. So, we have to ask- what was all the hubbub about?

Can we take those pills? Yes, we can. End of story. Leave out all the rest of the megillah.