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According to a report in this week’s Kosher Today on-line newsletter, there is a new kosher fish being served in England. Aussie Jews have had the pleasure for some time now, but the fish is just now making it’s way to England. Can the USA be far off?

A New Kosher Fish Debuts in England

Manchester, UK… The traditional popular fish and chips menu may have a new addition. According to the Jewish News, kosher consumers in Britain now have another fish to add to their culinary repertoire, New Forest barramundi. The Australian fish has long been available to Jews down under. Betty Solomon of Melbourne’s Mizrachi department, who confirmed that it is kosher if it has fins and scales, had not actually eaten it herself. The fish can be baked like trout, mixed with seasoning in cutlets, but she advised not to make gefilte fish with it as it might be too expensive! The fish, farmed in the British New Forest, is reported to taste like sea bass or Dover sole.