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We hope that you had a wonderful Passover. For those of you who tried the Passover Hot Line but either did not get through or did not get a call back, we beg your pardon and understanding. It turns out that our electronic phone system was not quite up to the task! The answering and messaging systems blew out. By the third day of Operation Passover, we realized that we were way below our anticipated flow of calls, and that is when we discovered that our system was down.

Workmen came to fix it and apparently it blew out again shortly after they left!

On a different subject, we would like to share a line from an article by Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld.

This is from an article that appeared in THE QUEENS CONNECTIONS magazine.

Speaking of things that need no hashgacha for Passover, the good rabbi wrote:

“… raw fruits and vegetables.This includes red potatoes, despite what is written in a certain book claiming to have an expertise on Pesach halacha (emphasis ours).”

We’ve said it before and we say it again- there is an awful lot out there that is simply misleading when it comes to the rules of Passover. We were,therefore, pleased to note that one of the major national agencies this year changed their text to say Ashkenazi CUSTOM is to cover the counters on Passover. They used to say it was the halacha- it isn’t!

Now, if those self same agencies would only go back to certifying peanut oil for Passover……….. !