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It seems that Elijah the prophet was at Norman’s Steak and Burger during Pesach. And why not? After all, just about everyone else was there, too!

We had a lovely post Passover chat with the ever so lovely and talented Robin Blank (she is the Norman of Norman’s), and she was still trying to recuperate from all the Jews who thronged into Norman’s on chol hamoed and the people who lined up to buy take home food, too.

Robin said she was able to serve almost all of her normal menu, except the burgers had no buns, and there were no onion rings.Just about everything else, however, found its way onto the Passover menu.

Hungry people packed the place for long hours every day. Going home each early morning to catch a few zzz’s before re-opening, Robin said she was starting to imagine what yitziat mitzraim must have looked like- all those hungry Jews!!

In the dessert department, Robin outdid herself. She somehow found desserts that were not only non-gebrokts, but were down right delectable as well. One satisfied customer asked her to add the Passover brownies to the regular menu. The chocolate mousse and the raspberry mousse were each a taste bud delight according to all the satisfied customers.

We were privy to the numbers of people Robin served this yom tov and we decided that she can legitimately change her name to Tzafnat Paneach (Joseph’s Egyptian name which means something along the lines of The One Who Feeds Us).

So, there you go- give the people what they want and they will come. Make a reservation for dinner (or lunch!) at Norman’s the next time you are in J’lem. We certainly will!!

For Reservations:
27 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem