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Attention all you folks who have apartments in Israel, rent apartments in Israel, or just take one for yom tov:

Norman’s Steak and Burger ain’t just steak and burgers. Nope! They are Passover food, too. Check out their Passover Take Out Menu:



Chicken soup…just like your Bubbie use to make 55 NIS per liter
Meat soup…chunks of meat with potatoes and vegetables in a tomato base 55 NIS per liter
Pumpkin soup…great for vegetarians 50 NIS per liter
Kneidlach… delicious 30 NIS per 10 balls
Grilled salmon…with a tomato sauce 35 NIS per portion
Chicken & Duck
Whole roasted chicken…spiced to perfection 90 NIS
Schnitzel…in a delicious batter 30 NIS per portion
Chicken fingers…your kids will love them 30 NIS per portion
Stuffed chicken …with mushrooms 40 NIS per portion
De boned chicken…in our chef’s sauce 45 NIS for two pieces
Duck…in an orange sauce 80 NIS per portion
Roast beef…in a red wine sauce 200 NIS/kg. (4-6 people)
Meat balls…sweet & sour to tickle your tongue 40 NIS for 5
Goulash…so yummy 100 NIS per liter
Kugels, Potatoes & Vegetables
Potato kugel…need we say more 75 NIS (6-8 people)
Sweet potato kugel…with a honey sauce 75 NIS (6-8 people)
Vegetable kugel…with eggplant, zucchini, sweet potato & carrots 75 NIS (6-8 people)
Carrot tzimmes…with raisins in an orange sauce 75 NIS (6-8 people)
Roasted potatoes…with just the right spices 75 NIS (6-8 people)
Potato Anna…sliced potatoes with onions 75 NIS (6-8 people)
Cooked mixed vegetables…low fat 75 NIS (6-8 people)
Mushroom salad…with a lemon sauce 60 NIS per liter
Zucchini salad…with red peppers & pickles 60 NIS per liter
Potato salad…with mixed peppers & mayonnaise 50 NIS per liter
Coleslaw…with vinaigrette dressing 50 NIS per liter
Cucumber salad…with dill & red peppers in vinaigrette sauce 50 NIS per liter
Sorbet & Ice Cream (Parve)
Vanilla ice cream 65 NIS per liter
Raspberry sorbet 65 NIS per liter
Passion fruit sorbet 65 NIS per liter
Mango sorbet 65 NIS per liter
Pineapple & melon sorbet 65 NIS per liter

For further information call Robin at 972-52-2402883 (052-2402883) or e-mail at

Chag Kasher V’samach!