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A few years back, the hot new item for Passover was kosher for Passover window cleaner. We can’t tell you how helpful that one has been! When we are short of plates for the seder, we just pop a window out of the window and use it for a plate. And why not? With KP window cleaner, your windows are not only free of dirt, grime and streaks, but are also good for the table, right?

Well, no new product stays at the top of our useless things made kosher for Passover list very long.

Introducing: Chometz Free Handle Covers……………..

Are you tired of scraping all that dried up chametz off of your telephone hand set, closet door handles, cabinet door handles, door knobs, etc?

Well, scrape no more! With Chometz Free Handle Covers, you “just wrap the … cover around your choice of handle and secure with the velcro or elastic closure for custom fit.”

These covers come with the approval of Rabbi Blumenkranz- ut azoi! They are available in your local supermarket or hardware store. (Let us know if you actually see the product.)

Why spend hours scrubbing and scraping and damaging your manicure, when you can just cover your doorknobs, silverware drawer pulls, etc. O, wait, you have to clean them anyway………………

Never mind!