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We were reading a story over on Kosherblog the other day, when an article caught our eye. Someone was going to Oslo and was in need of kosher info. The person who responded had a most helpful web site to recommend.

Want to know about the kosher status of G y:
P resmak
Bringeb r
Jordb r

Info on Goy drinks (acceptable) and just about all the other things you need to know to keep kosher in Oslo and see the Jewish sites of Oslo and learn the Jewish history of Oslo, the shul schedule of Oslo, etc can be found at

It is quite a comprehensive site. Did you know that shechita is forbidden in Norway, so they import kosher meat from Canada? Did you know that the big shul in Oslo is an Orthodox shul? Did you know that Go’Dag B r
cereal is acceptable? Nope, neither did we. But now that we have read the kosher food list, we have become a regular expert on Kosher Oslo! You can, too!