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A couple of blocks away from the UTJ building in beautiful downtown Teaneck, there used to be an Edwards Supermarket. Our worst fears were realized when this regular Edwards was converted and became a SUPER Stop and Shop. How a regular one kind of store becomes a super kind of another store seemed to bode not well for all of us.

And then one day, lo and behold, an old, dilapidated building next to the Stop and Shop was renovated and the entire area began to smell suspiciously like freshly roasted popcorn.

To our great joy, the Dale and Thomas Popcorn company was making their upper class, gourmet popcorn specialties right next door to the super market.

Oh, and what specialties they make! This is not your mother’s popcorn. Nope, this is way upscale popcorn.Some one slipped a bag of their “Drizzle Corn” in a mishloach manot bag and we were in heaven! The salt on the popcorn added to the sweet of the milk chocolate on the popcorn was an incredible taste. We really liked it. A whole lot!

See their web site at

You will love this stuff! Certification is OU-D.