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This week”s Kosher Today carried an article that listed lots of new products we can expect to see this year for Passover. Oh, and by the way, most of those products will begin to hit store shelves in about four weeks from now!

From Kosher Today, here is their list:

Passover continues to represent nearly 40% of annual kosher food sales and the most widely observed Jewish holiday. Distributors explain that the “new” label can last for more than one year as some food and wine products that were rolled out in one market last year will be expanding to other markets as well. One good example was Kedem’s dark colored Light Grape Juice (with its broad appeal to people who must restrict their intake of sugar), which did extremely well in the Northeast and will this year be available in most other large Passover markets. Kedem will also be adding a white grape juice in addition to several new wines from around the world. The selection of wines for Passover is already staggering given the advances that were made in the last decade. Dalton Winery is introducing a Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and Shiraz. Like Kedem, many of the new choices are targeting the health conscious, including many gluten free products. Shabtai Gourmet is intro ducing such gluten free (wheat allergies) products as Bell Ring Cake-chocolate devils cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Fudge Brownie Chocolate Pecan Pie, Dipped Banana, and Dipped Marshmallow. Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream is unveiling Hoo-lachmu Flats gluten free “flat bread.” It’s Mango Sorbet, which won the Best in Show at the Kosherfest 2005 New Products Competition is also kosher for Passover. Neshama Gourmet Kosher Sausages will be available in Smoked Andouille and Country Apple.

A sampling of other new products for Passover, which begins on the eve of April 12th and ends on April 20th include: Rue LaFayette (French gourmet products) Black Truffle Olive Oil, Foie Gras, Payard Chocolate, Payard Flourless chocolate cookie; Shahaf Bakery (Israel) with a line of cookies and cakes that “taste like year-round”; Macabbe Kosher Foods – Passover Pizza (gluten free); Gefen/HKS – a full line of cake mixes, Pancake Syrups, spices, La Jolla Orange Blossom Honey, La Jolla Wildflower Honey, La Jolla Blueberry Honey, Lj Chilean Style Olives (Spiced Green Olives), Lj Mediterranean Style Olives (W/ Basil), Lj Mexican Style, Noodles, Ziti, Savion Matzo Stix And Crackers, Onion & Garlic Matzo Stix, Whole Wheat Crackers, Sweet Crackers; Kedem – Cooking Wines, Bartenura Balsamic Blaze – Balsamic Glaze; Kojel Instant Hot Chocolate, Pudding, Diet Chocolate Pudding, Diet Vanilla Pudding; Manhattan Chocolates -Chocolate Pops, Gedilla Passover Taffy; Yehuda Matzo – Chocolate Co vered Matzo, Matzo Ball Mix, Matzo Ball & Soup Mix; Kineret – full line of cakes and cookies, Mandel Bread, Potato Latke Mix, Potato Latke Mix , Soup Nuts; Kineret – Frozen: Potato Latkes, Light & Tasty Eggs, Coffee Whitener, Amaretto Coffee Whitener, Cappuccino Coffee Whitener, Whipped Topping, and Baked Macaroni & Cheese. The listing of these products (received by Kosher Today) represent only a small sample of an estimated 500 new Kosher for Passover items in 2006.

Chag Kasher V”sameach!