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Here is a company that markets 100% organic flours. Flours include: Wheat, Spelt, Kamut, Oat, Rye, 6 Grain, Buckwheat, Rice, Corn, Quinoa, Millet and Tapioca. Wowzers!

These flours are free of: preservatives, malted barley, potassium bromate, bleach, chemicals, fungql amylase, ascorbic acid, herbicides, additives, l-cysteine, irradiation, hormones and synthetic nutrients. In plain words, this stuff is good for you! Or as the company says: “our bodies are organic and need organic food.”

All of the flours, by the way, are stone ground and low in fat and carbs. All are yoshon.

Efraim Sandel flour, Monroe, NY 10950, 845 248 0999. Speak with Efraim and he will extol the virtues of his
product to you!