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In Queens, we are very lucky. We have a Pereg Spice store. In truth, that store is one of our fave hangouts. The intoxicating smell of all those spices, the beautiful displays and the colors are all wonderful to behold.

There have been many new products lately at the store, and we thought it was about time we told you about them.

SEASONED RICE MIX: These are mixes meant to be added to rice dishes. The mixes come in four varieities: Mixed Vegetables, Pine Nuts with blueberries, Almond Cranberries and Almond.

Harisa- hot peppers and garlic
Pilpel Tsuma- hot peppers and garlic
Baladi Spicy Pickled Lemons

Sun Dried Tomatoes in olive oil and herbs

BESAMIM: Lily water and Rose Water (good for sprinkling on your hands during davening, for sniffing and making a bracha)

Pereg has two hashgachot. At least one of them has to be acceptable to you. Not only that, but they say they are Glatt kosher. (no comment- see our earlier posts on that subject)

We really like Pereg products. We hope you will, too