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Archive: November 2005


Posted on November 30, 2005

Silly- it’s DECKS, of course! How could we be in Israel and not eat at Decks? So we did what most Israelis would consider to be nuts. We left J’lem at 4:00pm and headed North. We got to Decks at 6:30, left at 8:45, and were back home in Rechavia by 11:15pm. Was it worth Continue Reading »


Posted on November 29, 2005

Motzei Shabbat we went out rather late. Son in law Yoav took us to a rather industrial section of Talpiot to get some amazing pizza pockets and a drink called Sahlab (the “h” is pronounced like a chet). We had never had sahlab before. It was totally beyond anything we had ever tasted. It was Continue Reading »


Posted on November 28, 2005

We quickly discovered that most American ex-pats living in Israel celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday night. So, we set off for Efrat and had a most wonderful Thanksgiving Shabbat dinner at the home of Amy and Nat. Amy used to be a very successful caterer back in the States, and her kitchen is renowned for the Continue Reading »


Posted on November 25, 2005

Readers of the Kosher Nexus as well as this blog know that when we are in Israel, there are two restaurants that we make sure to visit. One of them is in Jerusalem and is called Misadat Pinati. The place is about as small as a place can be and still call itself a restaurant Continue Reading »


Posted on November 24, 2005

There are two restaurants called JOY. One is a regular restaurant and the other is more of a takeout place with about six tables and a counter. The second place is called Express Joy. We ate there last night, and it was super! No, it’s clearly not haute cuisine, but the food was excellent! One Continue Reading »


Posted on November 23, 2005

  Category: Restaurants Last night, we had dinner at Ragu- a newish restaurant in the German colony, located at 41 Beit Lechem Road, Jerusalem. The restaurant is quite tiny. In the summer, it is possible to eat outside making it much larger. However, last night the place was packed- every table was filled. At the table Continue Reading »

Roasted Veggies

Posted on November 22, 2005

Roasting veggies is easy, healthy and delicious! Just ask those in the know!! 1 large Butternut squash (Peeled, cut into 2 in chunks) 4 or 5 red or white potatoes (about fist sized) cut into halves 2 large sweet onions (or regular yellow if you can’t find sweet onions) 8-16 oz of whole mushrooms 2 Continue Reading »


Posted on November 20, 2005

  Category: General Topics For the first time in more years than we can recall for sure, we will not be at Mollie B’s for turkey day. Long time readers of the KN and this blog know that Thanksgiving Day at Mollie B’s is a ritual in our family. So how is it that we will Continue Reading »


Posted on November 19, 2005

  Category: General Topics Why do kosher bakeries charge such high prices? It can’t be the cost of hashgacha. Here in Queens, hashgacha is less than ten dollars a week, so it can’t be that. Could it be the cost of the raw materials? Nope! The truth is that the majority of bakery products sold in Continue Reading »


Posted on November 18, 2005

  Category: PHP-Nuke In programming articles for posting on this site, we got confused about the date. As a result, a posting will take place on Shabbat automatically. We do not, as a rule, have articles post on Shabbat, so we do apologize for the mistake. Keep in mind, however, the posting was done automatically.