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We have had the leisure to go wandering about in Jerusalem for three days now, and we have to say it is our favorite pastime. We love wandering and looking around. We especially love the glorious mosaic of the people we see.

We have managed to sneak in a few felafel and a few schwarma stops. That is so glorious! Somehow the felafel here is always so much better here than it is in the States. And what can we say about the schwarma? Here it is real schwarma and the fake (and much cheaper) stuff we get back in the States.

We stopped at one schwarma/felafel stand and a trio of young tourists heard me order in Hebrew. They asked if I would order for them as they didn’t speak Hebrew. I said “sure.'” and proceeded to order for them. After they left with their food, the counterman and I had a huge laugh. Why? When I approached the counter, the man had asked me in English “what do you want?” I answered in Hebrew. The trio did not hear the English, only my Hebrew and they assumed that the counterman did not speak English. After they left, he said to me, “Do you think we should have told them that I speak English?” Nah!!!

I spent a bit of time with a family from France who had just made aliyah. That was a most interesting conversation held both in Hebrew and French. It seems that huge numbers of French Jews are buying apartments in Israel due to the disintegrating situation in France.

Soon, we leave for Efrat for the Aufruf shabbat. It seems as if everyone who is anyone will be there. Nu? Join us!!
shabbat shalom.