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It seems as if everyone had a beef with passover this year! The Saturday night seder meant difficulties from the get-go. The lateness in April meant another set of difficulties. The ever expanding list of forbidden foods- also known as the New Kitniyot list- meant even more to deal with.

Yet, in spite of it all, we found our seders to be relaxed and spirited. No one was totally exhausted as would otherwise be the case. Was that due to the fact that we all got in our shabbes nap prior to the motzei shabbat festivities?

Sure the seders ran late. But so what? Our seders were so much fun, so wonderful in spite of the late hour, that we are prepared to do it again in a few years. O, wait. We will do it again- in 2008!

For us, hol hamoed is a great time. Time to relax. Time to enjoy some extra Torah study time. Time to take walks. And time to enjoy with friends and family.

We used to live on Staten Island. Every year we would go to the children’s zoo there (an award winning zoo, btw) during hol hamoed and join with literally hundreds of other Jewish families enjoying hol hamoed with the family. We end with a silly story about one visit there.

We were watching a sea otter do his tricks in the water. A young family stood there alongside of us watching also. One of the kids said, “Vus iz dus, tattie?” The father took a long look and with a tug on his “bord,” he replied, “Dus iz a behama vas schvimdt in vasser.”

You just gotta love it! Moadim L’simcha!