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HAPPY PURIM BOYS AND GIRLS!! Join with us in a rousing chorus of that famous Beatle hit: Estherday. Oh, and enjoy the silliness we post today. No, it is not from our fevered mind, but we did like it enough to post it here.

All time best Jewish movies:

Gonif with the Wind – A thief tries to acquire ownership of Tara through a forged property deed.

The Putzman Rings Twice – A mohel murder mystery

Schnorer Rae – A freeloader tries to get in on the union movement

Balaboosta Cockburn – John Wayne’s wife memorizes Grossinger cookbook

The Good, the Chabbad, and the Ugly – A kosher noodle western

Moby Dreck – Captain Ahab harpoons the wrong end of the whale

The Cincinnati Yid – Steve McQueen uses some of his poker winnings to start a reform congregation

Litvak Big Man – Dustin Hoffman learns that his parents are an American Indian and a Lithuanian immigrant

Oy of the Beholder – Singles kvetch about their awful dates

Girls, Interrupted – Women’s section of shul shusshed during davening

The Seder House Rules – Zaydie lays down the law on Pesach

Angela’s Kashas – Woman reveals secret recipes

The Six Cents – Three Jews each put in their two-cents’ worth

Snow Falling on Seders – Unexpected storm disrupts Passover

SuperNova – Space scientists discover powerful strain of lox

Dreydel Will Rock – Chanukah toy comes alive

Sleepy Hallah – On Friday night, father fills up on bread, dozes off

Goys Don’t Cry – Rabbi explains why only Jews observe Tisha B’Av

Isn’t She Gevaldik – Yeshiva boys read Jacqueline Susann

Goy Story 2 – Jewish man divorces shiksa, marries another

Mun on the Moon – Astronauts discover hamantaschen filling, not green cheese, on lunar surface

Stuart Ladle – Mouse makes chicken soup for Shabbos

The End of the Affair – Sheva Brachos last till 3am

My God Skip – Dyslexic worships alte cocker spaniel

The Whole Nine Yids – Struggling shul waits for tenth

The Green Mohel – Young man performs first circumcision