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Our fave Hamantaschen are by Mollie B. But, truth be told, we never met a Hamantasch that we didn’t like. Big ones, little ones, fruit filled, chocolate filled- you name it, we like them. We eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We eat them on Shabbes, we eat them during the week. In fact, the only time we do not eat them is Pesach!

So there we were, standing in the UTJ test kitchen, “potchking” around with all sorts of combos for making odd and unusual Hamantaschen. For starters, carrot and potatoes do not make good filling for those delectable cookies. For seconds, neither does cabbage.

But, we did try peanut butter and jelly (basically a Mollie B cookie), different jellies and fruits, the requisite mun and lekvar, and a few other odds and ends. (By the way, add a soupcon of lemon to the mun and it keeps it from getting too dry.)

Then a flash of inspiration hit! We took the raspberry, apricot and PB & J cookies and dipped them in chocolate dip. Just the ends, not the whole thing. Taam Gan Eden!! We even dipped the chocolate filled Hamantasch for a rich, double chocolate feast (and sugar nightmare!) (If my doctor is reading this, please ignore what I just wrote.)

As Homer Simpson would say: MMMMMMMMMM, chocolate……… . Try it!!