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We refuse to use cottonseed oil. Leaving out the excesses of the 60’s, we believe it to be one of the worst things you can put into your body. Yet, at Passover time, it is hard of late to find anything else on the market shelves. O sure, there’s walnut oil and olive oil, but just try baking a cake with either of them!

Years ago, everyone used peanut oil on Passover. Today, you can not get KP peanut oil due to the fact that our kosher agencies seem to have either forgotten the halacha they learned or have invented a new halacha. (Don’t get us started!!)

So what is a smart consumer to do? Go to the supermarket today- right now even. Go to four or five supermarkets if you have to. Look in the REGULAR oil aisle. Check out the bottles of HOLLYWOOD brand SAFFLOWER oil. The supervison is Kof-k. Look at all the bottles- some of them will have the Kof-K P on them! Keep looking- it is truly worth it!!

Do it now before the stores are all sold out. The stuff disappears real fast. We got our bottle last month already!