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5 Yoel Salomon St.
Jerusalem, Israel
phone: 02-6232758 fax:
Neighborhood: Nachalat Shivah

We were most fortunate to be taken to this restaurant-on our own we probably would not have found this second floor gem of a place.

The restaurant is small and filled with round tables that each barely accomodates four people. The walls are lined with new and used books, all of which are for sale. Menus are covered with the titles of books by S Y Agnon. In fact, the name of the restaurant comes from a story by Agnon.

The food is dairy/veggie and quite tasty. We were three adults on a motzei shabbat who felt that after the heavy food of shabbat, a lighter fare was called for. One of us had a whole fish, oven cooked to perfection. Another of us had shakshouka. The third person had pasta alfredo. Good ol’ Al must have been in a great mood that night, for his sauce was perfect. Not too thick, not too cloying- a perfect Alfredo sauce.

The owners are wonderful about letting people sit there for hours as they eat, discuss, or do work. The atmosphere is crowded, noisy, and actually quite fun. For some reason, we felt as if we were sitting in the Rive Gauche!

We finished our meal with the house herbal tea. It was the best herbal tea we have ever had. It was quite delicious. Apparently it is a mixture that they do right there for their customers.

Do yourself a favor- include this one on your next trip. You won’t regret it.