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Sometimes, the press releases we receive are just too funny! Witness this PR piece from the Hass Avocado Board:

Hass Avocados Abound During Super Bowl Madness

Growers Prepare for Consumption of 43.8 Million Pounds of Hass Avocados

The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) anticipates that Super Bowl Sunday will outscore Cinco de Mayo and other holidays as the No. 1 consumption day for Hass avocados. Football fans across the nation are expected to devour a record 43.8 million pounds of Hass avocados during the big game. With this many avocados, Jacksonville’s ALLTEL field could be covered end zone to end zone in over 10.5 feet of guacamole.

In order to meet consumer demand for guacamole during the Super Bowl, Hass avocado growers around the world are preparing for the peak period.

“Because Hass avocados taste so great in a variety of gameday dishes like guacamole, nachos and sandwiches, events such as the Super Bowl increase demand,” said Charley Wolk, chairman of the Hass Avocado Board. “Avocado producers from California, Chile, Mexico and the Dominican Republic will be supplying fruit to ensure consumers can get their fill of Hass avocados during the big game.”
Gosh, we feel terrible. We didn’t even suspect that we were that far out of the loop! In fact, we suspect that we have never been to a super bowl party where they served guacamole. For our friends, that is just “tzu fiel ungepatchket.”