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ANNOUNCING … – the first and only site for one-stop shopp

January 17, 2005

ANNOUNCING … – the first and only site for one-stop shopping for the discriminating kosher consumer

Our site’s mission is to provide the adventurous kosher palate with a variety of interesting, unusual, and quality kosher products from multiple companies in one convenient stop.

We have over 400 products from all over the world, including France, Italy, Japan, Israel and the United States. We have a full range of products, including baked goods (both pareve and dairy), chocolates (both pareve and dairy), chutneys, fruit spreads, honey, mustards, spice pastes, sandwich spreads, oils, dried mushrooms, food for travel, different varieties of beans, rice and grains, and much more. We also have hard to find kosher products like fois gras, truffles and boutargue from France, and a full line of Japanese products, including noodles (soba and udon), sea vegetables (including hijiki, arame, and wakame), mirin, sesame oil, wasabi, and several varieties of miso. We also have a gift section with various products as well as a Kosher for Passover section, and Chalav Yisrael section. We will also have special products for Purim.

Our vendors include:

Blackwing Meats (Bison), Char Crust (seasoning for meat), Chef’s to Go (prepared meals for travel), Chocoholics Divine Desserts (chocolate sauces), Chocowit (chocolate), Galaxy Desserts (dairy desserts), I-gourmet (imported kosher cheeses and other products), Isroil (olive oil from Israel), Jerusalem Gourmet (pareve rugalach imported from Israel), Kosher Depot (Japanese and other products), My Mother’s Delicacies (dairy rugalach), Nandos (spices and marinades imported from South Africa) Neshama Gourmet (sausages), Rosie’s Products (pastes from Italy and honey from Israel), Rue Lafayette (products from France), Stanmar International (Chilla blender lattes), Sugar and Spice (baked goods), Top Hat (dessert sauces), and Wild Thymes (award winning chutneys, mustards, fruit spreads etc.)

We plan on updating our site with new products frequently, and you can sign up on our website for our newsletter to find out about these new finds and other products not yet offered on our site. There will also be recipes on the site for many of our products as well as serving suggestions, and our newsletter will have additional recipes.

On this website, you can choose from a myriad of products made by different companies, and purchase them in one transaction, at no additional cost.

There is no surcharge when ordering through this site; you will pay the same price you would at the vendors’ websites. You are responsible for all shipping charges.

Kosher Supervision:

All products in our site are under kosher supervision from various authorities. While we have tried to select companies supervised by reputable mashgiachs, we cannot vouch specifically for the kashrut of any specific product, and we do not specifically endorse any supervising authority. Please consult your own rabbinic authority with any questions about the kosher supervision.

For more information: please contact Alyssa Kaplan 732-779-1046