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Over on Kosherblog, there is an excellent review about Empire’s new sausage line. We agree with the review written there- the sausages were horrible. They were dry, not very tasty, and pretty much redolent of a chicken hot dog!

Neshamah, on the other hand, as Kosherblog points out, has introduced some really fine sausages. We happen to love merguez, and we are lucky because our butcher makes his own (along with some really great kabobs- chicken, beef, and lamb). If we couldn’t get fresh merguez, we would run to the nearest store selling Neshama sausages. All of the foods this company makes are excellent, and the different sausages are no exception. Over on Kosherblog, they recommend the andouille sausage. All we can say is that this is the kind of sausage you will need in order to make a really good jambalaya. And we do love jambalaya- we even know all the words to the Hank Williams song!

Neshama Gourmet Foods kosher sausage- a Kosher Nexus five fork winner!