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KINERET announces some new products- nuggets. What kind of nuggets you ask? How about:
Onion Nuggets with Cheese
Potato Nuggets with Cheese & Dill
Spinach Nuggets with Cheese

Certification is OU-D. The product is made in Israel, so when you buy it, you get mitzvah points, too!

Sounds like a really super snack to us. But, hey, we will find out for sure at Kosherfest later this month.

Remember Alvin and the Chipmunks? Well, with apologies to them and to Dave Seville, we have been walking around singing: Kosherfest, Kosherfest time is here, time to eat, time to cheer, we can hardly stand the wait, hurry Kosherfest, don’t be late, want a snack to thrill my gut, me I want a low carb thrill, we can hardly stand the wait, O Kosherfest don’t be late.