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The US Gov’t is poised to issue new dietary guidelines. Watch for the news services to start proclaiming the new fads that will surely follow in the wake of the Government’s new guidelines.

The Heart people have long said we should limit out salt intake to 2500 milligrams a day. The new Gov’t guidelines call for a limit of 2300 milligrams. Our prediction? Watch for products to start shouting lower salt content. Then again, canned soups and the like could stand to lose a few thousand milligrams of salt!

Eat fish twice a week says the Gov’t so that you will get enough omega-3 fatty acids. Our question- can’t we just take a pill?

Ingestion of transfatty acids and partially hydrogenated oils should be kept at or below ONE PERCENT of total calories.

Current Gov’t guidelines allow up to 300 grams of carbs per day. Dr Atkins allowed up to 20 in the early diet phase. See a problem there with the old Gov’t guideline??? The new limit is 130 grams of carbs per day- still way beyond Atkins, but a much healthier number.

Remember folks- you read it here first. The official release of the new guidelines is in 2005. We took you way out front on this one. When food news breaks, the KN fixes it!