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In the last two days, we spent a total of eight hours at Kosherfest. It was time well spent, but they just gotta do something about the concrete floors at the Javits Center. Those floors are murder on the legs!

The show was bigger and better this year than ever before. We must admit, after two days of wandering the aisles and tasting and tasting and tasting, the brain tends to go TILT! So, here’s what we’re gonna do: We are going to sit down over the weekend and look at the 400 pieces of literature we brought home from the show. We shall peruse them one by one until we hit the bottom of the pile.

Then we shall begin to munch on all the samples that we brought home. Some will be shopped out to our secret tasters for their POV. Only then will we be ready to take pen in hand and begin the awesome task of reporting it all to you.

Soooooo, stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.