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Archive: July 2004


Posted on July 30, 2004

We received the following letter from the cRc. We challenged the propriety of a company saying its pet food is kosher, when, clearly, it is not. “First, the company is accurate in stating that they are endorsed. We do endorse their products as being free of basur v’cholov and, for some products, that they are Continue Reading »


Posted on July 29, 2004

So, how many salads with feta cheese did you have during the Nine Days?? We are all cheesed out. Feta, or something like it, has been made in the Balkans for centuries, probably as long as there have been Balkan shepherds tending goats and sheep. By heavily salting their cheese, farmers made it last through Continue Reading »


Posted on July 28, 2004

When we were poor, starving college students, we would do just about anything to convince ourselves that we were eating better meals than the poor offering before us on the table. As a result, hot dogs became tube steaks. My kids, who grew up eating well, liked the name enough to keep it. The Beast Continue Reading »


Posted on July 26, 2004

In a few hours from now (as I write), it will be Tisha B’Av. We will not update on 9 Av. We wish you an easy fast. More important, we wish you a meaningful fast. May the story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza and its underlying theme of baseless hatred inspire us to move closer Continue Reading »


Posted on July 25, 2004

Wissotzky Teas has introduced two new flavors this summer: LIMONANA TEA is a caffeine free,lemon-mint tea. PASSION FRUIT MELON TEA contains caffeine. Both make excellent iced tea drinks. MAMA OF is a popular brand in Israel, and it seems that mama has introduced a new product: GRILLED CHICKEN WINGS. Good hot or cold, these wings Continue Reading »


Posted on July 23, 2004

Thursday, July 22, 2004 By CHRISTINE FREY SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER Starbucks Corp. said yesterday that its third-quarter profit jumped nearly 44 percent and raised its financial outlook in response to the better-than-expected results. […] The company is considering the implementation of a price increase at its North American cafes next year because of rising costs, Continue Reading »


Posted on July 21, 2004

Congress Requires Clear Allergen Labels By JIM ABRAMS The Associated Press WASHINGTON – Legislation requiring food labels to identify allergens in easy-to-understand language cleared Congress Tuesday and headed for the president’s signature. Sponsors said the bill would help protect 11 million food-allergic consumers. [snip!] (see Associated Press web site for further details) mazal tov!! S’iz Continue Reading »


Posted on July 20, 2004

EAT YOUR BROCCOLI! (Reuters) Researchers have discovered that women in their 60s who consumed more cruciferous and green leafy vegetables than other women went on to show less overall decline over time on a bundle of tests measuring memory, verbal ability and attention. Such foods include broccoli, cauliflower, romaine lettuce and spinach. The federally funded Continue Reading »


Posted on July 20, 2004

San-J makes a lot of good, kosher stuff. Recently we had the opportunity to try two of their dressings. The company offers three OU certified dressings: Tamari Peanut, Tamari Vinaigrette and Tamari Mustard. We tried the first and the third. We really liked them both. We tried the peanut on cold chinese noodles and it Continue Reading »


Posted on July 18, 2004

We have always been partial to Petites Madeleines. There is just something about them that we really, really like. Not to mention that they were the snack of choice while “A La Recherche Du Temps Purdues” was being written. So, imagine our pleasant surprise when we found packaged Madeleines at a warehouse club recently. Certified Continue Reading »