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One of the magazines devoted to “kashrus” sees the kosher world in apocalyptic terms. For that august journal, everything is a crisis: The Kiddush Crisis, The Lukshen Kugel Crisis, The Sheitel Crisis, The Flatbush Eruv Crisis, The NYC Tap Water Crisis, The Holes in Swiss Cheese Crisis (apparently they do not conform to post halachic requirements as to uniformity of size), The Pizza Crisis,The Cost of Kosher Meat Crisis and on and on ad nauseum.

We suspect that were a week to to go by without a crisis, they would have to report about the Crisis Crisis! In fact, we can imagine the consternation that would cause: “Stop the presses, stop the presses. What’s the Crisis of the Week? What? There is no crisis this week? That’s, takeh, a crisis!”

We need to ratchet the discourse down a few decibels. One source said that although some rabbis have dismissed the NYC Tap Water Crisis as not a crisis at all, others wisely continue to look into it, do research, and find solutions.

We suspect that if you ask the rabbis who feel that there is no crisis, they would question the supposed wisdom of those who continue to look into it and come up with solutions. After all, if is not a problem, what solution needs to be found? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

There are plenty of crises in modern life. And in Kashruth we certainly have our fair share, but let’s tone it down and instead of “schrying gevalt” let’s see what needs to be done, and let’s do it. Quietly.