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Sometimes something will catch our eye, and even though it may not touch on our usual topic- kosher food and kashruth in general- we feel that we must comment.

We saw an ad in an Anglo-Jewish newspaper that read as follows:


Our first thought was, “Wow, We should buy it, but what if we marry again? Will we have to sell it back so some other single can use it?”

Our second thought was: “Gadzooks, has it come to this now? First the sheitelach, then the vasser, now it’s the Bais Oylam (cemetery)?” Graves for singles???

Our third thought was: “hmm, shouldn’t the ad have continued with: Tall, fit and slender grave, nice view, quiet, seeks ….. ?”

True, this has nothing to do with anything, but sometimes you just need to laugh. We hope you have laughed with us.

Oh, and by the way, just exactly what is a single, Orthodox grave?