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Whoda thunk it? We all love to walk by a bakery that is redolent with the enchanting smell of cinnamon. Now, it turns out that cinnamon can boost your brain power! Hey, we don’t make up this stuff. Researchers have discoverd that chewing cinnamon gum or even smelling cinnamon “increases a person’s scores on tasks related to attention process, virtual recognition memory, working memory and visual motor response speed.” (Specialty Food Magazine)

No wonder we all feel so smart right after havdallah!


You’ve seen it in the stores, but did you know that orange cauliflower has 25 times more vitamin A than does plain, old, boring white cauliflower? Yup, it’s true.


Researchers in Helsinki claim that pregnant women who eat chocolate increase the odds that their baby- once born- will be happier and livlier. Babies born to women who ate chocolate daily during their pregnancy are more likely to smile and laugh. Sure. Why wouldn’t they?? Wouldn’t you smile more if you ate more chocolate?

You don’t believe us? Check it out in the Journal of Human Development. So there!