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Archive: June 2004


Posted on June 28, 2004

One of the magazines devoted to “kashrus” sees the kosher world in apocalyptic terms. For that august journal, everything is a crisis: The Kiddush Crisis, The Lukshen Kugel Crisis, The Sheitel Crisis, The Flatbush Eruv Crisis, The NYC Tap Water Crisis, The Holes in Swiss Cheese Crisis (apparently they do not conform to post halachic Continue Reading »


Posted on June 27, 2004

Is Triaminic your choice for treating a cold? You’re in luck. Novartis Consumer Health, Inc., a NJ-based Novartis company, announced June 10 that the company’s Triaminic brand pediatric cold/cough/allergy liquid medications have been certified as kosher and pareve by the OU. The eight varieties of Triaminic liquid are: Cold & Cough, cherry; Cough, berry; Chest Continue Reading »


Posted on June 25, 2004

Now that summer is upon us (hot and heavy), it’s salad season again. WALDEN FARMS (800-229-1706) has a large selection of salad dressings, certified by the OU. And they’re pretty healthful, too! In the refrigerated section of the supermarket, you can find fat-free, sugar-free, carb-free dressings (OK, they’re not chemical-free, but you can’t have everything; Continue Reading »


Posted on June 24, 2004

When I was in Texas a few weeks back, I had occasion to read Southern Living magazine. I totally forgot that I had cut a recipe out of the mag and brought it home. Well, I found the recipe the other day and I tried it out. It was wonderful. I suspect you will like Continue Reading »


Posted on June 23, 2004

Here is another recipe from Hickory House, a famous trefe restaurant that seems to have an ample supply of recipes that work in Kosher homes, too! 6 eggs 1 medium red-skin boiling potato, peeled and cut into 8 pieces 1 Tbspn salt 2 Tbspn sweet pickle relish 2 Tbspn mayonnaise 1 Tbspn prepared yellow mustard Continue Reading »


Posted on June 22, 2004

The Star-K has just released their annual Slurpee list- and not a moment too soon!! SUMMER SLURPEE UPDATE The following Slurpee flavors are approved: BARQ’S SLURPEE Red Creme Root Beer COCA COLA SLURPEE Coke Cherry Coke Mello Yello (Reg) Sprite Sprite Remix Sprite Remix Berry Strawberry Twizzler CRYSTAL LIGHT SLURPEE Strawberry Kiwi Raspberry Ice DR. Continue Reading »


Posted on June 20, 2004

CINNAMON- BRAIN FOOD? Whoda thunk it? We all love to walk by a bakery that is redolent with the enchanting smell of cinnamon. Now, it turns out that cinnamon can boost your brain power! Hey, we don’t make up this stuff. Researchers have discoverd that chewing cinnamon gum or even smelling cinnamon “increases a person’s Continue Reading »


Posted on June 18, 2004

Looking for a new side dish or something interesting to put in your summer salads? Try quinoa! If you’re like me and have no idea how to prepare this yummy grain, SEEDS OF CHANGE can help you out with their quinoa blends. Certified by the OU, they include tomato basil, French herb, and zesty cilantro. Continue Reading »


Posted on June 17, 2004

We stumbled across the following information today. Wines which contain saccharin will no longer be required to list it on the label because: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Toxicology Program published the 9th Report on Carcinogens. The Report delisted saccharin, which had been listed in the Report as Continue Reading »


Posted on June 15, 2004

Sometimes something will catch our eye, and even though it may not touch on our usual topic- kosher food and kashruth in general- we feel that we must comment. We saw an ad in an Anglo-Jewish newspaper that read as follows: SINGLE ORTHODOX JEWISH CEMETERY PLOT FOR SALE….. Our first thought was, “Wow, We should Continue Reading »