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May 13, 2004 at 10:18:40a.m.

Ok, ok- there is no Jewish question. But there is a huge question of your good health. New evidence has shown that black beans-high in protein, carbs, folate, calcium and fiber-are very high in anti oxidants. In fact, black beans are higher in anti oxidants than all the other colors of beans. In order of anti oxidant content, the beans are ranked: black, red, brown, yellow and white.

In the United States, we consume an average of eight pounds of beans per person per year. That would certainly explain a lot…. !

* More good news! Researchers have discovered that the famous apple a day advice may not really keep the doctor away, but apparently a glass of apple juice every day will improve your brain function. Drinking apple juice may actually reduce the effects of age related disorders of the brain. Apparently apples contain something that promotes memory and learning. So, it really is an apple a day… .

* Still more good news! Walnuts are a major source of anti oxidants, second only to rose hips! They also contain folate and protein. Eating one and a half ounces of walnuts every day may reduce the risk of heart disease. Wow,that is good news.