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Whoda Thunk It? Kosher from Poland

February 17, 2004 at 9:36:46a.m.

I would like to tell you what the stuff is, but I don’t read Polish. So working by what the pictures look like, we shall endeavor to describe the products.

First of all, the name. These goodies come from KOPERNIK of Torun. Certification is, as we said before, OU, and the product is Dairy. Every package has the Kopernik of Torun on it. That should make it a tad easier.

KATARZYNKI (Catherine’s Gingerbread) simple cookies in a small bag.

PIERNIKI RATUSZOWE (Town Hall Gingerbread covered with chocolate and jelly in the middle) a fancier version.

PIERNIKOWA NUTA W CZEKOLADZIE (Gingerbread Note covered with chocolate and with a nut inside) a still fancier version.

PIERNIKOWA NUTA W GLAZURZE (yup- glazed version of the above)

These next ones look sort of like a topless linzer torte: The cookie is wide and round, and there is jelly in a depression on the cookie’s surface.

PIERNIKOWE RUNO in the following flavors:
Roza- cranberry
Borowka- cherry
Truskawka- strawberry
Malina- raspberry
Poziomka- wild strawberry

Finally, we did get to taste the TORCIK PIERNIKOWY. Give up? It is a chocolate covered gingerbread cake with a marmelade filling. We tasted it and it was great!!

So, where do you buy this stuff? We haven’t a clue. Not a single one of our many sources had even heard of the product. So, you read about it here first boys and girls. And a hearty yashar koach to the first person who can reliably report having found this one!!

Happy hunting.