Big Surge in Fish as Shavuos Plans Near


Big Surge in Fish as Shavuos Plans Near

New York – The holiday of Shavuos (May 24-25) traditionally includes at least one dairy meal with such favorites as blintzes and cheese cake dominating the menu. But increasingly, say kosher retailers, seafood is becoming more popular for the holiday and year-round. Some retailers told Kosher Today that sushi and fish sales have risen significantly as younger consumers look for healthier options. According to a Technomic report on vegetarian and seafood eating habits, 72% of consumers who bought more seafood over the past two years did so because they thought it was healthier. More than six in 10 consumers reported eating a meal free of beef, chicken or turkey at least once a week. Among those who eat vegetarian and vegan foods, younger consumers were the most likely to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. One retailer said: “It is no longer just about gefilte fish. We are selling more salmon, tilapia and sea bass than ever and it is increasingly to the under-45.” Indeed, having a good fish section has become a strong imperative for the new upscale independent supermarkets.

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The Hershey Company announced the launch of new Hershey’s Caramels, a combination of Hershey’s chocolate with smooth, creamy caramel.

Hershey’s Caramels are made with a process that delivers a luscious experience in each and every bite. Made with sea salt, molasses and fresh dairy butter, each bite of caramel provides a silky, smooth texture and flavor. The caramel pieces are enrobed with just the right amount of rich milk or dark chocolate to ensure the perfect balance of chocolate and caramel in each piece. Cocoa is added to the milk chocolate variety to provide a rich, deep chocolate flavor that complements the sweetness of the caramel. Each piece of Hershey’s Caramels is then touch decorated for a gourmet, hand-crafted appearance.

“Each bite of Hershey’s Caramels provides an elevated experience through the blend of luscious, creamy caramel and delicious Hershey’s chocolate that consumers know and love,” said Michael Rabinovitz, brand manager, Hershey’s Caramels. “Our fans will enjoy a decadent chocolate experience at an everyday affordable price.”

Every day is a little more special when you add a dash of fancy – little things like spritzing on your favorite perfume, dancing unabashedly to music and treating yourself to your favorite dessert. New Hershey’s Caramels provides that luscious experience you need to make each day a little fancier.

Individually wrapped in milk chocolate or dark chocolate varieties, Hershey’s Caramels are now available in a 7.2 ounce stand up pouch at mass, grocery, drug and specialty retailers nationwide (suggested retail price of $4.19). Hershey’s Caramels in milk chocolate are also available in a 1.1 ounce bar (of $1.29). For more information about Hershey’s Caramels, visit



Wake up and smell the pancakes with Pancakes & Maple Syrup Jelly Belly® jelly beans. The newest flavor from Jelly Belly Candy Company captures the warm, buttery flavor of a pancake topped with rich maple syrup whipped together in a single Jelly Belly jelly bean.

Jelly Belly flavor experts recommend fans combine the Pancake & Maple Syrup Jelly Belly bean with other flavors to create Jelly Belly pancake recipes such as:

1 Pancakes & Maple Syrup + 1 Strawberry Jam = Strawberry Pancakes

1 Pancakes & Maple Syrup + 1 Blueberry = Blueberry Pancakes

1 Pancakes & Maple Syrup + 1 Champagne + 3 Orange = Brunch

Pancakes & Maple Syrup Jelly Belly beans can be found online at and Jelly Belly-owned stores. Shipping nationwide now.

In celebration of National Jelly Bean Day and this new flavor launch, Jelly Belly will hold a pancake breakfast at its California tour center on April 22 (7 a.m. – 10 a.m.) with proceeds benefitting the Napa Valley Tour de Cure, a cycling event for the American Diabetes Association.

Jelly Belly beans contain four calories per bean and are fat free, peanut free, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and OU Kosher certified.




Suavva: Suavva

No or Low Sodium
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Preservatives
Gluten Free
Milk Free

This is one terrific beverage. Made from the pulp of cacao fruit, yes the same fruit who’s seeds make chocolate – but this tastes nothing like chocolate – it’s actually better. Unlike so many smoothies that are too thick, the consistency of this is more like juice. It is 100% juice – 140 calories per bottle with 32 grams of naturally occurring sugars with zero grams of fat. The mango puree adds a nice refreshing touch. The juice is cold pressed, rich in antioxidants and an excellent source of vitamin C. Only complaint is I would like to see the caffeine content of the cacao listed on the label.

$3.99 10.5 fl oz

Agro Innova

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