Many years ago, there was a great Israeli style steak house in Teaneck, NJ. A small place, nevertheless, it was worth waiting for a table- the food was that good. Alas, they have been gone for a while now.

Here is a sign that was on the wall of the restaurant. What you see is exactly the way it was:


Lamb back ribs

For all you lamb lovers the lamb ribs are full of

Fabulous flavor and tenderness .they will bring out

The animal in you while ravaging there bones like a lion after its kill


It was a time of plenty so where should one goes?

I would go to a place of decades

To a place that is real

I don’t want lighting

I don’t want fake smiles

I don’t want wine glasses for water

I want what I crave for


Give me truth

Baby lamb racks

Like two swords slicing away the Limits

Of our imagination by acceding the throne with no regards to the

Former ruler it is what it is, this is war (with rosemary sauce)

Prime rib steak

This steak need no introductions picked from a prime cut grilled with

the bone at 22 to 24 oz,. it is a feast for the eyes and the plate

The rib eye steak

Much like the prime rib also known as a beauty steak except this

steak is grilled without the bone making it much lighter and will

beautifully satisfy any meat

The butterfly fillet steak

A champion of are generation the fillet is with out a doubt the most

popular and most sought after steak for its flavor and tenderness it is

by far the leanest and guilt free eating steak that holds a standard of

its own

The medallion steak

This beautiful earthy steak wills claim it rightful place in the willed

kingdom from the first bit this steak will put a side all your notions of

how a tender flavor steak should taste like the medallion. Is a steak fit

for royalty

The king prime rib

Kings & queens the king rib is the king of all rib steaks it is stripped at

the bone leaving a 34 oz’ of marbled glorious carnal flavor that runs

through this titan steak.

It offers exquisite taste with a hint of sweetness that only comes from

grilling on the bone.

Making it the ultimate steak

Baby lamp chops

Its unique flavor and taste is absolutely unmistakable and can’t be

confused with

Any other and when cooked right it is simply an experience not to be


Lamb back ribs

For all lamb lovers the lamb are full of

Fabulous flavor and tenderness they will bring out the animal in you

while ravaging there bones like a lion after its kill

Veal chop

The veal leads the race of tenderness and youth.

It is soft and mouth watering delicacy.

Like no other

Mabat’s Jerusalem mix grille

One of Mabat’s pride and joy’s the Jerusalem mix grill Beef, chicken

& turkey with sautéed mushroom and onionsand the house recipe of

spices. This mélange of meal is second to none

Grilled Cornish hen

More then anything the hen is known for his tenderness.

Its presentation is something to look forward to it will make you saver

bit. And have you wish it will never end.

Chicken salad strips

With fresh Copt lettuce tomato and golden grilled chicken strips

Mix with honey mustard lemon & garlic.

This symphony of flavors is a force to be racon with.

(served with one side dish)

Marinated chicken

Four voluptuous thighs marinated in garlic and ginger hypnotizing

With their scent and alluring qualities

Leaving you helpless

The sea bass

As it came out of a fable this magical fish towers above all the

rest. Its snow white color and thick meaty juicy texture makes it

irresistible.(cooked with lemong butter sauce)

Salmon fillet

Salmon is the most known fish in the civilized world. This rebel swims

agents the current and is every ones choice.

For the rest I will simply say there is nothing left to say

Tilapia fillet

Cooked with lemon “butter” sauce and vegetables it is

Lunch and dinner at the same time. When we see it laying peacefully

On the plat we almost want not to disturb it but of course we do.

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Apple-Braised Cabbage:

Cook 4 cups shredded red cabbage and 1 chopped apple in a skillet with 3 tablespoons each pareve margarine, cider vinegar and water over medium heat, covered, until tender, 20 minutes.

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Available in Israel, but coming to the US and other places.

A new series of products for home cooking fast SALT N ‘EASY

Designed for the salt roasting poultry, fish and vegetables and fast cooking results, delicious!

With SALT N ‘EASY anyone can become a master chef!

The company “salt of the earth” Launches Salt N ‘Easy – a new series of products intended for use in salt roasting method.

Salt-N-Easy Products are a revolutionary cooking aid for roasting with salt and allowing the preparation of succulent dishes of chicken, fish and vegetables quickly and easily. Salt-N-Easy is based on natural sea salt combined with herbs and spices – 100% natural. A variety of flavors in four different styles:

Salt N ‘Easy Marrakech: Contains sea salt, celery, thyme, caraway, cinnamon and nutmeg – delicate flavor North African cuisine.

Salt N ‘Easy Silk Road: Contains sea salt, turmeric, mustard, ginger, rosemary, oregano and herbs constituting meeting of East and West flavors.

Salt N ‘Easy Mediterranean: Contains sea salt, herbs, thyme, tarragon, coriander, fennel – Flavor and Aroma Mediterranean.

Salt N ‘Easy Tuscany: Contains sea salt, red pepper, green tea, citrus peel, basil, celery, garlic, rosemary, oregano and sage – provide the perfect Italian taste.

What is the salt roasting?

A simple method, quick and easily exploits the unique heat conductivity of the salt and provides a soft, juicy texture and great taste without adding fat. With this product, you do not dry out the chicken. Fluid does not escape, and the chicken comes out juicy and tasty.

Salt N ‘Easy – The advantage of the series is the ease of preparation, just place the chicken on a bed of the bag and put in the oven.

Salt N ‘Easy. Place the chicken (you can prepare a whole chicken or parts of) the center of the baking pan, empty the contents of the bag around the dish, and place in an oven preheated to 200C (400F) degrees – until browned. Highlight the flavors of the mixture and sprinkle the dish slightly, before grilling. An excellent solution for anyone who wants to prepare a delicious meal without wasting time.

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Featuring decor that is totally forgettable, this restaurant tries hard to be all things to all people. The amazing part of that is that they succeed.

Sure, there are plenty of Mexican food items on the menu, but there are also Italian dishes and standard Jerusalem dishes.

Two of us went for a late lunch recently. One of us had the entrecote skewers served with thick cut french fries and a lovely bowl of salad. The fries were either way over cooked in the deep fryer,or cooked in old oil, so they brought seasoned mashed potatoes as a replacement.

We had the beef stir fry. It was amazing. It was not noodles and veggies flavored with beef. Nope. Huge chunks of meat, and plenty of them, filled the bowl. The portion was huge- we did not quite finish it.

Service is good without being obtrusive. Portions are good sized. Prices are very moderate. Our two plates, plus one glass of orange juice came to $32(NIS 112).

Do not go for the decor. Just about the only Spanish/Mexican thing about the place is the placement of dozens of bottles of Spanish olive oil all about you. There is also an enclosed garden for dining al fresco.

Bottom line: Would we go again? In a minute!!